Thursday, July 24, 2014

Introduction to NOURISH - The beginner's guide to eating healthy and staying fit

Hi all of you my lovely readers! I know I have been absent on here a lot. I am sorry for that, but a lot has been happening in my life.

I am on my third book deal. My second book Gourmet Cooking For Two hits the shelves next month and I could not be more excited! Making gourmet meals for two is the perfect way to grow closer to your sweetheart, whether you are a new couple, empty nesters, or somewhere in between. With romantic tips to help you spice up your love life, and over 100 delicious, high quality recipes such as Brazilian Red Snapper and Tuscan Potato Soup, you'll never want to go out to dinner again.

Now I am working on my 3rd book called NOURISH - The beginner's guide to eating healthy and staying fit. It was going to be called #instafood, but it just didn't vibe with where we were going with the book, so we changed it. 

Instead of trying to tell you what it is about. I am including the introduction on this blog post. Stay tuned for many workshops around the globe. We will be coming to your area to teach you how to nourish our body.

NOURISH - The beginner's guide to eating healthy and staying fit. by Christi Silbaugh
Publisher: Cedar Fort April 2015


In life you learn lessons along the way. When you are in elementary, middle, and high school, your parents, teachers, and coaches help you learn how to eat right, move your body, and stay committed. Then some of you go right to work straight from high school. Others go to college. The very few continue to play sports in college and that is why gaining 15 pounds during your freshman year is so common. No one is telling you to move anymore. No one is balancing your meals. You are on your own in the world with very little education on real food. You are pressed for time in a packed with preservatives and chemicals, processed food world.

After a few years you realize the damage, and then the cycle starts and continues with radical diets and up and down failures. We see numerous commercials for pre-packaged food that are low-fat and low-calorie. Told time and time again that it is calories in, and calories out that counts. The truth is; this is false. While calories do matter, it is time we count chemicals and quality of calories, not just calories. Somewhere along the way things got skewed. We blindly started eating non food contaminates in place of whole foods. We got busy and needed to grab and go. From generation to generation the bad habits have been handed down. It is almost to the point that people don’t even recognize real food anymore.

I am just as guilty as anyone when it comes to following the traditions and just eating what I see. That all changed for me though. I unfortunately got my education on this matter the hard way. I am a cancer survivor. I am happy today to tell you I am cancer free and stronger than ever thanks to good doctors that cared enough to educate me on the proper diet and exercise. I am writing this book to help prevent others from having to deal with sickness. I believe the answer is whole foods and movement in your body.

When I started my recovery, I felt at my all time low. I was overweight from being too sick to have movement in my body, and the tumor in my uterus had caused my belly to look pregnant. I felt like I had no muscle mass. My kind doctor saw my frustration. I wanted to start working out, but had little strength and no self confidence. I was told to start yoga. It is reconstructive and a healing exercise. So I did. I found a local small community yoga studio called Pura Vida Yoga in San Diego. I first went three times per week, and worked my way up to 6 days a week. Within 6 months I had lost all of my cancer weight and felt stronger than ever. By eating whole foods and doing yoga I had gained my life back.

I started to reflect back on things and realized I had passed on to my kids the same bad habits passed on to me. I always cooked at home. So they had not been faced with the bad out to eat choices before leaving the nest. At the start of writing this book my kids were 20 and 21, and making the same bad food choices all the other kids their age were. They thought Jamba Juice was a healthy choice. Something had to be done. I started talking to them and their friends. I gathered information from my doctor, nutritionist, and information from the young adults.

My goal with this book, is to
Show you how you can eat healthy and exercise on a budget.
To engrave into your brain that you cannot out exercise a bad diet.
Introduce you to real whole foods that taste amazing and are easy to make.

I have gathered 125 of my favorite healthy whole food recipe’s, yoga poses, inspirational quotes, and lots of pictures to help you on your journey. So let’s get started!
So now you have a taste of what is to come. Hope you stick with me on this new fun journey! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pay it forward

Hi guys!
It has almost been a year since I fought and won my battle with Cancer. 
(Cancer free since August 6th 2013!) 
Over this past year I have grown leaps and bounds and really given a lot of thought to my life and what my purpose is. I have decided it is to help others as much as possible with their fight with cancer, health, and nutrition. My career will always be writing and cooking, but I also want to donate 40 hours of my time each month to helping those with cancer, or recovering from cancer. The problem is, I need your help!

Please share with others who want to pay it forward. You can see my full bio here: 

Hi! My name is Christi and I am a cancer survivor. I have been cancer free since August 6th of 2013. Having a softball sized malignant tumor removed from my uterus, and living with that tumor for so long, caused me to lose my muscle mass, my drive, my passion. But I am a fighter! I told my doctor I wanted my life back and he recommended yoga. 

I remember the day I walked a half a mile to a little studio I had heard positive things about. I was so nervous. I had never done an official yoga pose in my life. I was self proclaimed: "NOT FLEXIBLE" I went anyway. I wanted my life back. 

That first class was not an "aha" moment. Turns out I accidentally went to an advanced class. I barely made it out alive. I thought: "What am I thinking? I am not strong enough". I went back anyway. It took 2 weeks for me to fall in love with yoga. It changed every aspect of my life. I grew in my relationship with my savior, and I learned so much about myself. Yoga is now a permanent part of me. I can fast forward to now, where my cancer weight is gone, I am healthy, cancer free, and much more flexible than I ever thought. But what I really want to do, is get down to why I want to now teach. 

Actually, I do not want to just go to a traditional studio and teach. I want to offer my services to cancer patients, and cancer survivors for free. I want to donate my time, I just need the certificate to do so. 

Folks let me tell you a little something about cancer patients. They have no money, no life, and very little hope. I am a fully insured patient. Meaning my husband has great health insurance. However after all was said and done, my 90% coverage still left me with a $32,000 bill to pay. I am still paying. The cost of living is very high once you have the cancer mark on you. It leaves very little for a survivor to do. All your money is gone and you are left wanting to live, but not knowing how to get back to life. Once your pathology is clear, the doctors say: "see you for your next test in 3 months!", you will have to pay for that test too. Yes, every 3 months for the rest of your life, you will have the test, and hope that everything comes back ok. 

I want to start recovery yoga that is free to any cancer patient, or cancer survivor. The trouble is, I need to get fully certified. I am still paying my $32,000 bill to the hospital in payments, and yoga training is expensive. Most range from $2,500 to $3,500. The program I am looking at is an excelerated teaching plan, and this will just cover tuition. 

So what I am asking for are people who want to pay it forward. Do you know that by the year 2050 they estimate one in four people will have cancer? I want to be there for those people FOR FREE! I don't want a money making teaching career. I want to donate my time to help others that are lost from their cancer battle like I was. 

I can't offer you reward levels or great prizes for donating. I am simply asking for your help to get trained so I can help others. I believe this is my calling. So I am leaving it up to God. They say you never know if you don't ask, and asking is way way way out of my comfort zone. If this is meant to be, it will happen. 

Thank you in advance for even reading this. If you can share it maybe with others that have the same vision I do, that would be tremendous. 

I have a book called "NOURISH - The beginners guide to eating healthy and staying fit" coming out next April. I would like to be certified by then so that I can travel and give free workshops to those who struggle with cancer. I want to teach both the nutritional and physical aspect of staying healthy. It begins with what you eat and movement of the body. 

Thank you for any help. Even $1 helps!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

10 things I think everyone starting yoga should know.

leggings by Fractal 9 Top by Kira Grace

10 things I think everyone starting yoga should know. 

1. Yoga is not a religion. Somewhere along the lines of where yoga came from and who practices it, people started to think that it is a religion. While I am sure in some cultures they mix it with their religion, the fact remains that yoga is a way of life, a type of exercise, but not a religion.  Yoga is all about moving your body, finding out who you are, not who the world says you should be. Period. 

2. Yoga is not a push til you drop practice. Child's pose is there for a reason. Use it. If you cannot keep your oujjai breath steady and on point, it is time to drop to child's pose and regain your breathing and composure. If you are not breathing correctly, the yoga is not going to do what you need it to. It is okay to drop and meditate and get back on track.

3. I did not lose weight the first month. I was so frustrated. Thankfully I did not join to just lose weight. I started to get my life back from cancer, as a recovery, so I kept going. The second month I lost barely anything, but the third month I dropped 15 lbs. My theory is that those first two months I was developing so much muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. It is working, keep going! After 6 months of yoga practice I lost 30lbs. Remember the first 2 months, almost nothing... but look at me now! Don't stop. Get rid of the scale for the first few months. 

4. Get a good mat. I used to roll my eyes at this, thinking that surely there is not much difference in the mats. I was dead wrong. It completely changes your practice to have a mat that is thick and comfortable but most of all grips well. I am partial to Manduka mats. You may think they are spendy, but they have a lifetime warranty and I personally can't find another mat that compares to my EKO mat. I can be dripping with sweat and I still don't budge. Get the mat. Pay the money. You won't be sorry.

5. No one is watching you. Seriously, I used to be so paranoid about how I looked, my gut hanging out, etc... Once you really get involved in yoga you realize it is just you and your mat. Say hi to your neighbor when you get there, and then forget about them until the practice is over. Everyone else is in the same position. Do you have time to watch others? Not really. Close your eyes and dive in. It is just you and your mat. Stop worrying about others. The same goes in life. Everyone else is just a reflection of us anyway, don't you want to find out who YOU are? This is all about you and no one else. 

6. When you wake up and are "too sore" to go to yoga.. GO ANYWAY. One of the best things you can do for your soreness is stretch it out. You will learn to crave that soreness. The more you stretch the faster it goes away. 

7. Always practice on an empty stomach. It used to be that a good light snack was good before cardio. This is not the case in yoga. You are bending and activating the core so much, it is highly recommended by most that you come to class with an empty stomach and an open mind. There is plenty of time for an amazing post workout meal. You don't want your breakfast to end up on your mat. Bring water, that is all you need. 

8. Take pictures. I know a lot of you will never post any, and that is totally fine. I have found that when I am down on my practice or get discouraged, I look at old pictures and compare with current ones. It will shock you how far you come so quickly. Getting involved in yoga challenges is great because you take pictures of the poses and meet other yogis. Even if you are not a social bee, take the pictures, you will be glad you did. I love laughing at old failures and celebrating new victories.
leggings by Fractal 9 Top by Kira Grace

9. That moment when you are stretching, it is painful, and you want to give up and get out of the pose, give it one more full oujjai breath, breathing into where the pain is. Try to surrender. If you can get past this and just surrender, the pain stops. It is a mind over matter game. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose, but if you can push past that initial panic and use your breath to calm you down, magic happens and that is where you truly progress. That pain is just you fighting. Surrender.

10. Have fun. This is your journey. It is never over. How exciting that each day it is like we are born again. We get to try all over again with some victories and some failures that we learn from. Treasure your yoga. It is a gift. 


Vegan Strawberry Citrus Blitz Smoothie

I recently was fortunate to review the book: 365 Vegan Smoothies by Kathy Patalsky of  While I was sent a copy of the book, I was not paid to write this and all opinions are my own.

With 100,000 Twitter followers and a blog that receives half a million unique visitors a month, food writer Kathy Patalsky loves sharing her passion for healthy, vegan cuisine. With 365 Vegan Smoothies, she makes it possible for everyone to enjoy this daily diet enhancement that is free of animal products (even honey) and the saturated fats, chemicals, and hormones that often accompany them.

With my busy life, I find smoothies are a quick easy way to get wholesome nutrition into the body. I tend to prefer to eat the whole food version, rather than blending it up, but my daughter is a smoothie fanatic. I have to admit, since getting this book, I am consuming a lot more smoothies. They take one or two minutes to throw together and are full of so many nutrients. 

This book is full of all the information you need to know to start throwing together your own smoothies. With a recipe for every day of the year, what are you waiting for? Her book can be found at amazon here: 

I decided to share with you a smoothie from the book, that I of course tweaked a bit. It is summer and that means all things citrus and strawberry around these parts (I live in Southern California). Since I have an abundance of both ingredients. I set out to make the Citrus Blitz that is on page 98 of the book. I added Maca Root and Chia seeds for added nutritional benefit. 

This is now my go to smoothie prior to a workout. With the natural vitamins and minerals and the naturally occurring sugars, it gives me the boost I need for my 75 minute Vinyasa Yoga classes.

Vegan Strawberry Citrus Blitz Smoothie
adapted from 365 Vegan Smoothies 

1 cup fresh squeezed orange juice
1 frozen banana
1 cup strawberries
1/2 cup ice
1 tsp chia seeds (optional)
1 tsp maca root powder (optional)

Add all ingredients to a blender. 
Blend until it makes a frosty consistency. Enjoy!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Gluten-Free Made Easy Launch Party

Hi everyone! 
I hope to see you tomorrow at my Gluten-Free Made Easy Launch Party! 

What can you expect? 

Free smoothie samples, desserts and healthy, vegetarian, gluten free food !!
LIVE BAND - Mango Jennings & Foat.
Book signing by Christi Silbaugh  'Gluten Free made Easy cookbook!!
Free Champagne

See you all there!!!!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Yoga Inspiration SPEAK OUT LOUD

Today was the last day of my #30DaysOfYoga challenge on Instagram. So I thought it was time to post a yoga update, and maybe a little inspiration to help those thinking about getting started on their healthy journey. 

I recently was surprised to learn that some of my friends thought I was just a naturally motivated person. This is false. I had many days, months, years, of being miserable. I was one of those people that said: "I will start Monday." Many Monday's came and went. I never started. I would go for a walk and think "okay! I moved today, good enough!". I would look at athletic people running by wishing I had that motivation. The problem is that I am really not a runner. I kept trying to be. I am not saying I can't be a runner, I am saying it is not where my passion lies. 

I cannot begin to tell you how many different club memberships I have had. I join with high expectations of going every day, then after a month or two I get so sick from all the germs, I quit. Yes I too have been a quitter. I am not any more motivated than you. The ones sitting back wishing you could get your rear off the couch or the chair and get moving. I made excuses that I was too fat to do those things. Excuses that I wasn't that bad, I would tell myself I was happy with the way I was. I wasn't. I was hopeful that a new type of food or pill would come out to make it to where I could be a lazy slob and still eat what I wanted. So sad. Looking back at that person, all the lies my mind would tell me, I can't even recognize that person anymore. 

That is why I am so thankful I came down with cancer. Without it, who knows how many more years of unhappiness would have come my way. My kind doctor seeing how I wanted to get my life back. So cancer was my "AHA" moment. That moment that changed me. 

Truth teller: I still have those thoughts. However through meditation and yoga I have learned that it is my ego talking and not me. The mind is so powerful. If you can channel all of your energy into being the person you want to be, you too can overcome those thoughts. When those thoughts come, I say OUT LOUD; "I am a lot stronger than I know, and if I set my mind to it, I can do anything." Through that, I just celebrated 6 months of yoga every day. You can do anything you set your mind to. 

A couple months ago I was sitting in my church (C3 San Diego) and the speaker spoke on the power of saying things out loud. If you are believer or not, you must still be smart enough to know that the Bible is a historical document that has been proven. So even if you are not walking with God, you should be able to take wisdom out of this book. I was SO SHOCKED at how many times the Bible says to say things OUT LOUD. It has changed my life, rocked my world, and sometimes left me in shock and awe at the power of it all. I wish I would have taken good notes and wrote down all the verses. But here is what I learned: The Lord tells us we can move mountains with faith filled words, not thoughts. Even if we have faith as a mustard seed we can move mountains. Our words are like a hose that carries the powerful substance of the water of the Word of God. In Matthew 21:21-22. Jesus speaking again says, "Assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but also if you say to this mountain, 'Be removed and be cast into the sea,' it will be done. And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive." NKJV

Now in this I believe the Mountain is our troubles and trials. Yes, you have the power to destroy the obstacles or mountains that stand in the way of your progress. Jesus says that with your words of faith are words of power that can remove or destroy any obstacles, difficulty or problem and give you the freedom to live fully and unhindered.
So this last month I have been doing just that. Saying things out loud. Praying out loud (in private). Asking and thanking... out loud. Sometimes my answer has been instant. Other times it comes later, and it makes me smile. 

My yoga practice is a constant conversation with God. I know everyone has their own practice. I ask God for power over my mind to to further, stick it out, and receive the blessing.  Try it, it will rock your world!

In addition to talking with God, I have been busting my rear, working hard in yoga.After 6 months of only adding yoga to my life ( I already only eat a whole food diet), here is my before and after results. 
So don't wait. Your tomorrow starts TODAY. Get up and MOVE. Ask God for strength and perseverance. Don't give up. Hit me up for inspiration and motivation. YOU CAN DO IT! 

Please remember to stay tuned for my next book out next Spring; #instafood-The beginner's guide to eating healthy and staying fit.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Dulce De Leche Cheesecake Bites


Dulce De Leche Cheesecake

What would you do if I told you that you could have your cake and eat it too? 
These amazing cheesecake bites are Refined Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Raw, and Vegan. 

I know, you are thinking; "So what is in them then?" If you are like me, you don't like much of the dairy substitutes. I try to limit soy products, so tofu just is not for me. I prefer God given foods. Stuff that man didn't mess with, is what I mean by God given. 

The truth is, I wish you could try them without knowing what is in them. Can you trust me? Can you please just make them and try them without judging the ingredients? If so then I will tell you. 

The main ingredients in this amazing caramel goodness: Zucchini, Cashews, and Coconut Milk. That makes these treats completely fine to eat for breakfast, or snacks, or dessert. You choose. It replaces yucky processed, high in sugar desserts that I used to eat. In fact one of my most popular recipes ever on this blog is my caramel cheesecake bites. They are full of sugar. These taste just as good if not better, and they are HEALTHY. Give them a try! I have yet to have someone try these and not gasp at their goodness. 

Now while you can make these treats with normal coconut oil. I am going to share with you a wonderful new product that I used in this recipe. Again, you can use normal coconut oil, but let me tell you why I think you might want to go out and get this amazing organic coconut oil with added nutrients. It is called QUOQUOS.

So in case you don't already know the health benefits of coconut oil, let me educate you. Extra virgin coconut oil can be beneficial for maintaining energy, metabolism and immune system health and much much more. Coconuts have special fats called medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). New studies show that when these types of healthy fats are broken down in your liver, you burn energy more efficiently. Coconut oil is the most abundant natural source of Lauric Acid on earth, with about 50 percent lauric acid. Our bodies convert lauric acid into monolaurin for maintaining immune system health. It’s also high in fiber, which most of us need more of. A PubMed study found that women who consumed about 2 tablespoons of coconut oil a day for 12 weeks had lower amounts of abdominal fat. This fact is a huge factor for me, abdominal fat is always the fat I struggle with the most. 
How is Quoquos different from other coconut oils and what are the advantages
of Quoquos compared to other virgin coconut oils? Coconut oil with its high content of MCTs is great for maintaining energy, metabolism and immune system health, but some people have trouble digesting the 3-5 tablespoons a day needed to gain those benefits, and may experience stomach cramps or bloating. Quoquos solves that problem by adding just the right amount of sunflower lecithin to support digestion. 

Here is a chart breakdown of the benefits. 

So what are you waiting for? Go get yours at

Now let me tell you how to make these wonderful treats of bliss. 

Refined Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Raw, Vegan Dulce De Leche Cheesecake Bites

For the base:

1 cup almonds
1 cup pecans
4 tablespoons organic raw cacao powder
1/2 cup pitted medjool dates
2 tablespoons coconut oil (I used Quoquos Coco Choco Boost)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

For the filling
2 cups raw cashews soaked overnight in an airtight container
1 cup organic zucchini (peeled and cubed)
6 drops vanilla creme Sweet leaf sweet drops -or- 1 tsp stevia
4 tablespoons coconut oil (I used Quoquos Coco Lecithin Boost)
1/2 cup maple syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon sea salt

For the dulce de leche topping:
1 can full-fat coconut milk
1/4 cup maple syrup
1/4 cup honey
Pinch of salt
1 tablespoon coconut oil
2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Put all the ingredients for the crust in a food processor and process until a wet and crumbly texture.

Divide evenly into a lined 12-cavity mini cheesecake pan and press down firmly.

Put the cheesecake pan in the freezer to harden the crust while you prepare the cheesecake filling.

Prepare the filling:
Peel and dice the zucchini. 

Put all the ingredients for the cheesecake filling into a Blender and blend until a smooth and creamy. You want to run several cycles and scrape down the blender. Because you want it as creamy as you can get. So plan on several minutes here. 

Remove the cheesecake pan from the freezer and evenly distribute the filling on top of each crust. Place back in the freezer while you prepare the caramel topping. 

Prepare the topping: 
In a large saucepan with a thick bottom combine coconut milk, honey and maple syrup and salt.

Bring to boil over medium-high heat. Lower the heat to medium-low and let reduce for about 50 minutes, stirring every now and then. Add coconut oil and cook for further 5 minutes until it reaches a deep caramel color.

Don’t rush it. The process could be faster or slower, depending on how hot your burner is. Stir every so often towards the end, to keep the bottom from burning too much.  Remove from the heat, transfer to a bowl and let cool for about 5 minutes, then stir until smooth and glossy.

Take out the cheesecake pan from the freezer and top with caramel. 
Place back in the freezer for a couple hours or overnight to set. You can bring them to the fridge the day you are serving. They can be served right out of the freezer or for a softer texture, at fridge temperature. 
For the full dairy, fat, and full sugar version of this cheesecake, you can find it here: 

If you like my recipes, please support my work and get my cookbook! Featuring 150 recipes, 100 of which are not on the blog. That's right! 100 new recipes! Gluten-Free Made Easy is the perfect guide to your new lifestyle! Learn dozens of tips and tricks for avoiding gluten and over 150 tasty, simple recipes. Going against the grain has never been easier!
"Gluten-Free Made Easy" is available for sale at Barnes and NobleBooks and ThingsCedar FortAmazon and many other great bookstores.

Monday, May 19, 2014

This new cooking, fitness, and yoga site is so cool. Sign up for free!

I was recently invited to try out a new site called Grokker
Grokker is the expert video network for high quality, expert-led instructional videos in three key wellness areas: Yoga,


and Cooking

Grokker makes it easy and fun for enthusiasts to find the time to practice personal wellness, gain mastery of new skills, and develop authentic connections to expert instructors and other enthusiasts via our community programming.
Grokker produces their our own top-quality videos in-house, featuring expert yogis, chefs and trainers/fitness instructors hand-selected by Grokker’s editorial team. There are 1000+ premium videos available on Grokker today with new videos released daily.

The video feature is so nice. Yesterday was a very productive day. My husband and I got up and went for a morning walk. We stopped in a cafe and had a nice breakfast, and then walked home. I welcomed this calm morning with wide open arms. I had just endured a very great but busy week and all I wanted was to not to "have" to be anywhere at any time. I thought I would go home and maybe take a nap, but instead I started cleaning. Before I knew it my entire weeks chores were complete and my house was completely clean. I was so pleased because my husband joined in and cleaned his corner that I have been on him to clean for months. It was a great day, but one that left me without a yoga class.  I am good at doing at home practice, but it usually ends up being balance practice and I need core. So I picked a video on Grokker to give me a good ab workout. 

 I did the Ab Intensive Pilates Workout because we are getting ready for our trip to the British Virgin Islands in July. It is my last effort to flatten our abs before they see the light of day.  Fabulous ab workout! Easy to follow and available with the click of your mouse. 

I am excited to have this site available! I hope you all check it out!

This sponsorship is brought to you by who we have partnered with for this promotion.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Book 1 on the shelves, Book 2 released next month, Book 3 in the works!

Hi guys! I know my posts on here have been few and far between lately. Thought I would come on here and let you all know that I am alive!  There is a lot going on. As you all know, my first book Gluten-Free Made Easy hit the shelves this week. 
You can now go pick one up at Barnes and Noble, Books and Things, or order yours at Amazon.
I have been busy doing events where I get to meet you all and sign your books. It is a lot of fun! My next event is this weekend at the big Keil's event. 
Come on out for a ton of free swag, and stop by my table to get your book signed! 

While this is all exciting and wonderful, I have even more exciting news. My 2nd book Gourmet Cooking For Two will be coming out next month. 

This book has been a labor of love. The result of learning how to cook again for just two people. There is a nice romantic tip with each recipe to help you spice up your love life in the kitchen. It is also my first 100% solo book. I did all the writing and all the photography. So it is quite an accomplishment for me! 

While this book is not labeled "Gluten-Free", there are a lot of gluten-free recipes in there. This is the perfect wedding gift, so I am super excited that it will be out in time for wedding season. Stay tuned. I will let you know when it hits the shelves. 

It may seem I have been busy enough with just those two books, but I have even more exciting news. I recently signed a contract for my 3rd book. This is the one that I am passionate about. The title is called:
#instafood - The beginner's guide to eating healthy and staying fit. 
The book is set to be released next spring. I am diligently working away on this book that is targeting 18-30 year old's. The ones that no longer have coaches, parents, and teachers telling them to get off their rear end and move. They don't have mom to cook their food and pack their lunch. They are out in this fast food world without a prayer.  This book will have all whole foods. It will teach them how to easily eat healthy and stay fit. With motivational quotes and yoga poses to help them along the way. 
I will be promoting the book on my yoga page on this blog, so stay tuned! 

So with a book released, a new one almost out, and a third one in the works, the blog takes a back seat. I am so so so excited about everything that is going on. I could not have done it without you and all of your support so thank you! I love you all and I will be on here off and on to catch up with all of you. In the meantime please enjoy over 1,000 free gluten-free recipes available to you on this blog. If you want even better ones, there are 100 recipes in my book that have not been published on this blog. The best recipes are reserved for the book. Get yours today! You can now go pick one up at Barnes and Noble, Books and Things, or order yours at Amazon.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The book is on the shelves!

The day has finally come where I can walk into a Barnes and Noble and see my name on a published book that is for sale. Yep! They have put Gluten-Free Made Easy on the shelves. Our work has come to fruition. I hope all of you enjoy it! If you are in the area, come to my book launch party on June 7th!
Get yours today at:


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