Sunday, April 24, 2016

7 days left don't miss out

7 days left to sign up for my new coach training that I wrote for those wanting to make a difference in themselves and the lives of others.
I am only looking for people who are looking for me. For people who know there is more out there, but maybe don't know how to take the steps to get them to ultimate freedom.
When I talk to people about what I do, so often their response is "I don't have time." In my heart I know they don't have the time NOT to. But they just can't see past their current circumstances. They choose not to see what short term sacrifice can do for the rest of their lives.
For as long as I can remember, I have longed for freedom and freedom of time, because there is nothing that makes you richer than having complete control over how you spend each precious moment you are given!
If you follow my journey you can see my travels unfolding.
These are the days I've worked so hard for, and they are the same days that make me so excited to continue to help mentor others so they're able to do the same.
If you feel a tug. That is your soul saying: "take a chance". 
before all the slots fill up.
This is your chance to work one in one with an elite coach and author.‪#‎itsYourTurn‬

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Live the life of your dreams on your terms

If the only thing you look forward to in life is the weekend, then it is time for a change.
Are you living the life you love?
Or are you stuck living the the same day over and over?
18 months ago I took a chance.
‪#‎Why‬ ...
I was ready to commit to a healthier life.
‪#‎WhyNot‬ ...
If I was going to commit to it, why not help others do the same?
Little did I know this chance would lead to me finding some of the best friendships I could hope for, with amazing souls that love and accept me for who I am, freedom to live my ‪#‎LifeByDesign‬ and hop on a plane, train, or automobile to check things off my ‪#‎BucketList‬ and to go love on my team mates that live on the opposite side of the U.S. from me. This past YEAR I have seen New Hampshire, Boston, Maine, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Las Vegas.... and in the next 4 months I am going back to Vegas, Jersey, Maine and then going to KENYA Africa!!!!!
This "job" does not require travel. It allows you to live your life by YOUR design because it can be done anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. So while I was having the time of my life I was still collecting my paychecks. So that leads me to:
What do you want to do with this precious gift of life?
Why waste it in a cubicle or a dead end job?
Maybe you want to be at home more with your babies?
Maybe you want to see the world?
Maybe you want more time with your love?
Maybe you want to have more time at home?
Maybe you want to buy a home?
This ‪#‎opportunity‬ is open to anyone that is willing to help others and lead by example.
It does not matter if you are overweight, skinny, or in between. We come in all sizes. You just have to be ready to commit to a healthier life, and help others do the same through ONLINE ‪#‎Accountability‬ which frees you up to go, do, be, anything you wish.
What are you waiting for? What is holding you back from living the best life.‪#‎ItsYourTurn‬ if you are ready, email me at My team is waiting with open arms. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ginger Red Curry Sea Bass

I served this dish last night and we all loved it. 
Clean Eating - Guilt free

1 (13.5 ounce) can unsweetened coconut milk
Juice of one lime
2 tablespoons Thai red curry paste
1 teaspoon agave nectar or maple syrup
2 tablespoons minced peeled fresh ginger
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 teaspoon fish sauce
2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro plus more for serving
2 tablespoons minced scallions plus more for serving
4 6-ounce Sea Bass
Cooked Brown rice for serving

Combine first 7 ingredients (coconut milk through fish sauce) . Sir together then place your fish in a baking pan and coat both sides of the fist with about half of the sauce. 

Place the rest of your sauce in a medium saucepan. Bring mixture to a boil and simmer until sauce thickens slightly, 8 to 9 minutes. 

Remove from heat; stir in cilantro and green onions. 

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. 10-20 minutes, depending on thickness of fish. Serve fish with hot rice and remaining sauce. Sprinkle with additional cilantro and scallions, if desired.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Why not you?

Mine is everywhere. 
Many of you don't know my past. You see, I have 3 college degrees. Every time I would finish one, I would find something else I wanted to learn. I have worked in early child development, Accounting, was a software engineer for 5 years, and ran my own multi million dollar business for 10 years prior to my Cancer battle... I still say this is what caused my cancer because I had to work 80 hour work weeks to keep that thing rollin'.

All of it prepared me for today. But none of it filled my soul with joy. I know I am here to help others and those other professions, just didn't fill my cup. 

Coaching entered my life during my recovery from cancer. I was led to superfoods and healing my body through nutrition and movement and it changed everything for me. 

This is NOT about weightloss.

Yes it is a side effect of eating right and moving my body. But I help many gain weight too. This is about total and complete happiness and contentment with your life. 

 I get to connect with people all over the U.S. and Canada and help encourage them on their journey and they encourage me right back. 

I can work from anywhere with a wifi connection. I have worked on sailboats, cruise ships, airplanes, trains, cars,  hotel rooms, my garden, the park, the library, the beach... you name it. 

I wake up excited to check in with my tribe and see who I can help encourage and often times, they turn around and encourage me. 

My body is stronger than it has ever been.
I look forward to Monday morning. 
I LOVE my job and would do it even if I wasn't paid to do so. 
I am encouraged to spend time developing myself, filling my tank. 
I am surrounded by like minded individuals that uplift me rather than those who bring me down.
Every day I am encouraged to continue working towards being the best version of me. 

SO my question for you is this. 
If you don't like Monday mornings and commuting, what are you going to do to fix it? 

I am accepting applications for my team. Why not you? Are you willing to put an hour a day in now, for freedom from that job and commute you hate? 

Email me at and let's chat. Would love to see if this is a fit for you. This opportunity changed my life in every way you can imagine. #WhyNotYou  ???

Many will not start their journey until they see someone at their level. I have worked with people from 300+ pounds down to people who are 90 lbs and need to put weight on! ALL LEVELS ... I cannot stress this enough. You are enough right where you are right now! 
Look forward to hearing from you! 

Summer Slim down - Lose weight and get fit for summer

Yes that is me in the first picture, and me in the second picture. I have helped a lot of people reach their health and fitness goals, but I don't share their vulnerable pictures with the public unless they are ready for it.. SO here I am sharing mine. 

On the left is what I looked like at the beginning of my coaching journey. I was all clear for physical activity and knew that if I committed to documenting my journey, it would hold me accountable. It was life or death for me. It is just as hard for me as anyone else to exercise and eat right. It was a HUGE struggle for me to overcome and I feel like it is my duty to help others. I realize not everyone is ready to share their journey publicly. That is why I run small intimate groups, for those that are ready to get healthy, but maybe not publicly.

I am looking for those of you in the first picture.
If you are ready to achieve your goals and are ready to commit to checking in each day, with me and a few other ladies that are in your same spot. Please email me:

I am going to personally run this group and it can be done from anywhere in the U.S. and Canada, with any mobile device. I am calling it #SummerSlimdown2016  

Spring break is over and it is time you invest in your health. 
What you will get:

- Daily Guided exercise
- Personal Development
- Positive Support System
- Motivation
- Amazing Private Community
- Encouragement
- Love
- Guided Meal Prep
- Recipes
- Shopping Lists
- Tips
- Friends

New group is starting up so let's get you ready!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Haters be hatin'

I received some negative comments on my exercises today. They weren't perfect. They have been deleted because i don't spread that ish. 💩
As much as this job fills me with love and light and uplifting amazing souls. It also sometimes brings out the haters. Guess what haters ... I don't care. 
I have this! 
THIS to celebrate. 💪 
And I am shrinking even more. It isn't about being perfect, and it sure as hell is not about being judged. It is about surrounding myself with people who help me and help me learn how to protect my mindset from mean people like you. 
I love my team and they love me and you can't shoot that down! 🙌
I have my health👆
I have my happiness😄
I have my superfoods🍹
I have my team👪
I have my transformation💪

I will keep transforming and learn from it all. The good and the bad. And hey, if you aren't making waves... your dream isn't big enough!

If you are ready to transform, please email me

All levels welcome. I'm not perfect either!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Healthy Easter Recipe Round-up

Our company did a great job rounding up some of the healthiest FUN easter recipes. Just click the link and it will take you to the recipe! 

Easter Yogurt Bark
Pomegranate seeds and blueberries give this beautiful holiday bark pops of Easter egg-like color and lots of antioxidants. Since it’s made with Greek yogurt (instead of sugar-laced white chocolate), it’s a great way to sneak some protein into a sweet treat. Get the recipe from Mrs. Happy Homemaker.
Easter Yogurt Bark
Photo by Mrs. Happy Homemaker.

Yogurt-Dipped Strawberry Carrots
Even if your kids don’t love to munch on carrots, they’re sure to love these fruit faux “carrots” that are perfect for the season. Get the recipe from A Whisk and Two Wands.
Yogurt-Dipped Strawberry Carrots
Photo by A Whisk and Two Wands.

Minions Easter Eggs
Take your egg-decorating game to the next level with these adorably devious minions from @hannah_rex. They’re simpler to make than they look – all you need are blue and yellow dye, a sharpie, and a steady hand. Dunk the whole egg in yellow dye until it’s completely colored, let it dry, and then hold the bottom half of the egg in blue dye for one to two minutes. Googly eyes available at your local craft store make these cheerful characters come to life, but they can also be drawn on. For those who prefer something a bit more conniving, a purple minion will get kids giggling.
Minions Easter Eggs
Photo by Hannah Rex.

Easter Egg Lunch Box
This idea from A Kailo Chic Life makes lunchtime fun with veggies, crackers, fruit, and bite-sized sandwiches packed in colorful plastic eggs served in an egg carton. They’re like a fun version of Portion Fix containers, but for kids!
Easter Egg Lunch Box
Photo by A Kailo Chic Life.

Cheese and Crackers Chicks
Bring a little springtime spirit to snack time with this super simple take on cheese and crackers. All you need to make these chicks are round whole-wheat crackers, cheese, baby carrots, and a handful of spinach leaves. Find out how to make them here.
Cheese and Crackers Chicks
Photo by Canadian Family.

Carrot Patches
Taste and Tell turned the simple snack of carrots and hummus into an Easter party centerpiece. She made individual carrot servings by dipping carrots topped with parsley leaves into tiny flowerpots filled with hummus.
Carrot Patches
Photo by Taste and Tell.

Yogurt Easter Egg Popsicles
If your part of the country is hit with a springtime heatwave, you’ll need something refreshing to feed your kids when they finish running around outside searching for hidden Easter eggs. These popsicles from Eats Amazing are a healthy, frozen treat made with yogurt, sweet berries, and crunchy granola mixed together and frozen in egg-shaped molds.
Yogurt Easter Egg Popsicles
Photo by Eats Amazing.

Sweet Potato Bunnies
All you need to make this Easter-inspired snack from With Style and Grace are sweet potatoes and a bunny-shaped cookie cutter. If you don’t have a cookie cutter, try your hand at shaping slices of sweet potato with a sharp paring knife. Spray them with nonstick cooking spray and bake them until soft for a healthy and adorable Easter side dish.
Sweet Potato Bunnies
Photo by With Style and Grace.

Tomato Tulips
We know that April showers bring May flowers, but when Easter falls in March, Mother Nature might need help in the floral department. Brighten up any spread with these tulips made from cherry tomatoes, chives, and cheese. Use Neufchatel or ricotta cheese to keep this treat both healthy and beautiful. Get the recipe from Surviving a Teacher’s Salary.
Tomato Tulips
Photo by Surviving a Teacher’s Salary.

Bunny Pancakes
Kick off Easter morning with with a darling bunny pancake breakfast like this one from Nico and Lala. Whip up a batch of Multi-Grain Banana Pancakes in sizes to make the bunny body, head, ears and feet. Decorate the paws with banana slices and mini chocolate chips, and fashion a fluffy tail from shredded coconut.
Bunny Pancakes
Photo by Nico and Lala.

Veggie Flowers and Egg Birds
This snack idea from Artsy Craftsy Mom presents a cheerful Spring scene. Dress up peeled, hard-boiled eggs as chickens using carrot slices for feathers and beaks, and sesame seeds for eyes. Place them on a bed of lettuce in a garden of flowers made from decorative cucumber and carrot flowers.
Veggie Flowers and Egg Birds
Photo by Artsy Craftsy Mom

Easter Bunny Eggs
These Easter bunny eggs from My Fudo will hop off their centerpiece and into the mouths of happy kids. Use radishes for the ears, celery for the whiskers, and sliced black olives for the eyes. Set the bunnies on a bed of tuna, place it all on a plate of lettuce, and serve! Get full instructions here.
Photo by My Fudo.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Lose weight with Country Line Dancing

I don't think I have ever been more excited!

I met my husband Country dancing! Now I get to stay fit doing it.

Introducing COUNTRY HEAT! A new country dancing fitness program.

Comes out in July!

If you want to get on the list for first dibs, email me

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Transformation Tuesday

Happy #TransformationTuesday !!!
Meet Penny! Penny and I have been best friends for over 10 years.
This transformation has happened over this last year. Through proper diet, nutrition, and body movement, you can accomplish anything. We all have our ups and downs. The key is accountability and motivations. Penny is now helping inspire others by sharing her journey. Why not you? It is your turn for your transformation. My next group starts Monday February 1st. Would love to work with you toward your goals.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Brand Ambassadors wanted apply today!

Came back from my leadership conference on fire more than ever to get out there and ‪#‎EndTheTrend‬ of obesity. 
I have 5 slots I am opening for my new training that starts February 1st. I will teach you how to SHARE your journey and ATTRACT your tribe. This last year, I accomplished more in 1 year than I did in my entire life and I want to show you exactly how I did that so you can do it too. I am going to combine all the things that I did and the things that I have mastered into a VERY exclusive personalized accountability group for go getters who are looking to not only rep the hottest gear, but they want to get and STAY FIT and healthy but also learn (in the process) how to take the results you are getting and turn it into a THRIVING part time home based business where you will help others achieve exactly what you are achieving themselves! You also will go from posting your challenges, go hosting them with me!!

What is this group all about???

✔Brand Marketing 
✔Get featured on the brands you love sites!
✔Mindset training
✔Social media training
✔One on one communication
✔Family/Team Community

This is the VERY best time to start and you will be 100% help accountable to meet your goals!
👉 Please ask yourself, “Am I ready to commit? Am I ready to make big changes in my life for the better?” 👈

I will be asking a lot from you:

✔You WILL workout for 30 minutes most days
✔You WILL eat cleaner 80/20 rule
✔You WILL read 10 minutes of Personal Development a day 
✔You WILL post inspiring “stuff” on Facebook and/or Instagram

I have helped many women reach their fitness, wardrobe, and financial goals, and I’m excited to help you do the same! Imagine yourself in 3, 6, 9 months….where do you want to be? You are capable of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING so just trust me and let’s walk side by side to THRIVE in all areas of your life!!
You ready?

Search Instagram for ‪#‎TeamNourish‬ and meet the team!
This is your chance to learn from a 5 star ELITE coach!


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